“They knew everything about us though we couldn’t fathom them at all. We knew finally that the girls were really woman in disguise.”
-Jeffrey Eugenides

Richard Brocken is an award-winning photographer and musician, born in 1968 in the Netherlands. He documents his daughter Eva's growth towards womanhood, capturing the delicate balance between childhood and adulthood. He uses lighting and shadow to great effect and manages to create a melancholy air to his work which leaves the viewer subdued but engaged with the work.

I became fascinated with photography while backpacking with my wife in the 90s. There I experienced the need for better equipment. I bought my first SLR when we went to Africa to watch wildlife. I rediscovered photography when my children came into my life. My daughter Eva became my muse, behind every image is a story to tell. Composition is key throughout my work as light is captured in the subtlest way to complete the picture. My work is simple- no time for needless details. This is as natural as natural can be.

Represented by:
Saatchi Art, Los Angeles
ANP/Hollandse Hoogte, The Netherlands
ArteFacto, Ghent, Belgium
Echo Images, London, UK
Gallery Stock, New York, US
BylinePhoto, Milano, Italy
Galleri Plan B, Växjö, Sweden

Elsevier, NRC, de Volkskrant, Photo news, EllE, Microsoft Inc., CBS, RTL, ANWB, Laif, de Stem, Sanoma media, VPRO, Quest, Novum, Margriet.

World Photography Awards 2010, Portraits

TNT World Press Photo 2011, Portraits

Cannes, France, April 2010
London, UK, June 2010
San Francisco, US, November 2010
Sao Paulo, Brasil, February 2011
Shanghai, China, April 2011
Paris, France, September 2011
Expo, Ghent, Belgium, October/November 2011
Art Basel, Miami, US, December 2011
Kulturama, Leuven, Belgium, February 2012
New York, US, October 2012
Milan, Italy, January/February 2013
Lisbon, Portugal, May 2013
Milan, Italy, November-January 2013/2014
Växjö, Sweden, June 2014
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2015 Vince & Jules

T: +31 (0)6 54682552

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